There is something alluring in the warm buzz of analogue electronics, and the crackle of vinyl purring it’s buried hidden code. Lo-Fi-45 is here to get back to the source and strip electronic music back to its’ bare essentials. There is no script or hidden agenda here outside of a simple service: Delivering anything from quality Deep House to Tech House, Techno and anything left of centre in between to those who all appreciate good tunes.

With Kasey Taylor and Lister Cooray teaming up for this adventure, Lo-Fi-45 is lucky enough to  draw upon a combined 30 years of industry experience with its highly established creators. Kasey already runs one of the underground scene’s longest running labels in Vapour Recordings, along with the more recent eVapour8, and he has performed his well-tuned sound all over the world and back, supported almost every DJ you could imagine and played at every major gig and festival of note in his hometown of Melbourne. Having been involved with locally and internationally respected brands like Balance Music, Fluidlife and Darkbeat, Lister’s industry experience extends to all facets of the market including DJing, promoting and touring, leading to Lister becoming one of the local scene’s most hardworking servants.

The ethos behind Lo-Fi-45 isn’t just going to be about releasing great music, it will also act as a conduit to nurture and help new talent: “There are so many producers with great ideas, but they just can’t get them over the line or don’t have the self belief to finish them off, be it arrangement-wise,  sonically, or both.” says Kasey. “We are going too take some of these people on board if their ideas fit the sound of the label. Our idea is to bring them into the studio, help them finish their tracks and then release them on our label. We really want to be known as the label that, not only give producers their first opportunity, but also try to help install the self belief they may require for them gain confidence in finishing their owns tracks as well as growing them into established artists.”

Launching in January 2015, Lo-Fi-45’s debut release will be jegerne dedicated to Fluidlife founder (and close friend of Kasey and Lister) John Sharp, an endearing Melbourne promoter who tragically passed away in 2013. With Hernan Cattaneo already charting it, and Kevin Griffiths along with Silicone Soul and Vincenzo already supporting the label’s first release, there is no doubt that Lo-Fi-45 will be off to the best possible start.

Lo-Fi-45 is here to tip its hat to the past, and forge on strong into the future. There is no substitute for the real thing – and it doesn’t get Kasey realer than experience and passion to help and cultivate new talent. These two are a lethal combination that will do Australia proud.

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