Over the years he has been playing strictly Reggae & Roots music, started his own Dub-Band (Dubfidelity) and has been one of the first Dubstepheads in Germany.

Travelling to Australia in 2009 changed his life. Being influenced by heaps of people at Killing Time, an iconic new bar in Melbourne that has become a hub for underground musical and artistic communities, he developed a incomparable style of playing and producing electronic music.
It’s hard to define a specific genre, u could call his musical style:   Organic groove orientated chunky funky minimalistic deep dub tech. Together with Timmus he released his first EP “Keen for Comfort” on Smash Bang Records.

Also keep an eye out for further releases coming out Finn Records, Smash Bang, Open Records and now we welcome Daktari to the Lo-Fi-45 Family.
He worked with acts from around the world such as Zion Train, Dubmatix, Timmus, Ivan Shopov, Fergus, Iorie, Oblique Industries, Thankyou City, Zweimannzelt, Symbiz Sound, Moodmachine, Matt Waters and many more.