Damir Smith

Damir Smith

Some people have a penchant for clothes, some for dance; Damir’s penchant is for music. His magnetic, sharp sound has seen him in some of the most prestigious clubs and radio stations in Melbourne.

With nearly a decade’s worth of experience shining through, his productions are certainly ones to look out for. He draws on organic elements, adding a hefty piece of aggressive chunk and depth to tell us his story.

Damir, along with fellow Melbournian Kenan Huric are together Co-Founders that formed a project under the name of ‘Rework‘. The Rework boys are firmly establishing themselves as one of the leaders in the Australian club scene right now, and it’s only a matter of time before things start happening globally for them. This group of like minded, driven and infectious individuals all compliment each other perfectly while offering something new, fresh and vibrant at the same time.

Rework are responsible for putting on some great nights in Melbourne. They have an awesome team and a fine balance between experience, up and coming Dj’s and producers that are definitely names to watch out for.

These boys have not gone unnoticed and you’ll be hearing a lot more about Damir. Lo-Fi-45 HQ have picked Damir up, along with Retza (also part of Rework) and have brought them on board to be part of the Lo-Fi-45 family.

Rework and Lo-Fi-45 will be joining forces on various projects, with some of the boys already collaborating in the studio together and from the early signs after a couple of sessions, the results are looking rather spectacular! Release parties will be put on together in the not too distant future to support these collaborations, so stay tuned and keep checking back here or on all our social media outlets for updates about this exciting new adventure.

Rework also have a monthly Podcast, sourcing some of Melbourne’s freshest new talent combined with the more established big hitters as well. Their latest Podcast – #27 features Lo-Fi-45’s Co-founder and Kasey Taylor’s partner in crime – Lister Cooray, while Kasey has been lined up for the next one due out soon.

Lister’s Podcast is currently available now from the Rework Podcast Soundcloud page as well as our latest mixes page here under the media section.

Here is the Rework Podcast Soundcloud link. These mixes are well worth checking out so make sure you like and follow them as these boys are going places, and we here at Lo-Fi-45 are proud to have them on board.