Florian Kruse

Florian Kruse

There aren’t many people that can say that they have devoted their entire life to electronic
music, Florian is most certainly one of them. DJ, producer, lecturer, plus label owner? Yes,
Kruse has ticked all the boxes.

His passion for music began in his hometown in Northern Germany. An avid reader of
Frontline magazine, and later the Raveline, his love for electronic music was born at 14,
when he bought his first turntable. Early influences included legends such as Moodyman,
Herbert and Steve Bug. At 16, Kruse invested in his first sampler, a mixer and a keyboard.
With music in mind, he made the natural migration to Hamburg in 2002, where he studied
Audio Engineering, and later taught at SAE.

Long time in the game, he started his music career in 2007, with his first vinyl release on
Stokholms, Heya Hifi. Since then, Kruse has only grown as both a producer and a DJ. With
Stel Vasiloudis and Nils Nuernberg, he became project Wiretappeur, with releases on
Bedrock and a remix for label head honcho John Digweed. Nils Nuernberg quickly became
his partner in crime, and together became the production duo Kruse & Nuernberg, their
hypnotic Deep House sound making appearances on Liebe*Detail, Noir Music, and
Rejected. In 2008 they started their own label, Save Room Recordings, that continues to
grow on the underground scene.

A focus now on his own productions, Kruse plunged into a solo career with a release on
anjunadeep, working together with his older brother Vincenzo and one of his long time idols
Lisa Shaw. Followed by two releases on Noir Music together with singer Hendrik Burkhard
and remixes by Noir himself, Eagles & Butterflies and Pleasurekraft and the list of releases
and remixes goes on.

With long time passion for house that dates back to the early years, Kruse is first and
foremost a DJ, taking his signature sound to world renowned clubs. Now settled in the
German capital, Berlin, a true hub for electronic music, with regular DJ appearances at the
city’s infamous underground clubs.

The story certainly doesn’t end there, 2016 is looking very promising for the rising star. His
upcoming productions, dark and techy, are scheduled for release on Poker Flat
Recordings, Joris Voorn’s GREEN imprint, a remix on Get Physical, another Noir Music EP
and with plans of a solo album also on the horizon.

From February onwards you can book Florian Kruse not only for a DJ set but also for live
performances with singer Hendrik Burkhard.