Those who have been in and around the dance music scene for any given amount of time have definitely stumbled over the name Kasey Taylor. Hailing from Melbourne, Australia, Kasey began his DJ career at the age of 13 somewhere in the outback of his native land. 30 years on he’s become one of Australia’s biggest ever dance music exports, one of the most widely recognised DJ’s around the globe today, and one of most respected people amongst his peers.

To date, his career resume is an impressive read, ticking off gigs at almost every big show in Melbourne and having held residencies at every club worth noting.

In 1996, when John Digweed toured Australia for the first time, Kasey managed to impress him enough during a warm up set so much that he invited Kasey to play at his monthly Bedrock night at Heaven in London, which he did two years running back in 2000 and 2001. A night, and a brand, and an institution recognised by the underground dance music industry as one of the greatest in the world, and still is to this present day.


For two decades now, Kasey has had the luxury of releasing music on his own label. ‘Vapour Recordings’, which he founded in 1997. The label is well over the 100 release landmark now. In the time since Kasey launched Vapour Recordings, the label has forged itself an enviable reputation, not only as one of Australia’s leading independent dance labels, but the worlds too, and you’ll find Vapour Recordings records very much prominent in DJ sets all around the world.

2004 saw Kasey launch another label titled ‘eVapour8’. A label dedicated mainly towards Tech House and Techno, and eVapour8 gained a fast reputation worldwide for releasing quality tunes, much like Vapour.

Fast forward a decade to 2014, Kasey came up with the idea of a different philosophy to the norm in terms of running ‘just another record label’ and decided to give back to the community that had given him so much over the years. Launching a brand new label with label partner and good friend Lister Cooray, Lo-Fi-45 was born.

What was the reason for another new label you ask?

The ethos behind Lo-Fi-45 isn’t just about releasing great music, it will also act as a conduit to nurture and help new talent grow: “There are so many producers with great ideas, but they just can’t get them over the line or don’t have the self-belief to finish them off, be it arrangement-wise,  sonically, or both.” says Kasey. “We are going to take some of these people on board if their ideas fit the sound of the label. Our idea is to bring them into the studio, help them finish their tracks and then release them on our label. We really want to be known as the label that not only gives producers their first opportunity, but also tries to help install the self-belief they require for them to gain confidence in finishing their tracks & growing into established artists.”

Lo-Fi-45 is now fully in the swing of things with releases happening every couple of weeks. The label is full of fantastic artists plucked out of obscurity and brought on board to help them build up their profiles and establish their place in the dance music community that they so each deserve. So far, artists on the roster include Retza, Sammy Spiers (Kindred Sol), Steph Yeah (Karlisle), Muska to mention just a few, so watch this space as there is fresh talent coming your way! 😉


After a 4 year hiatus from producing music, Kasey took stock of what he wanted do next and how to go about it, and it was from this downtime that Lo-Fi-45 and his new alias Kaymid were created and put into action.

To coincide with the ever-changing styles of the music as well as the direction of Lo-Fi-45, you will be seeing a lot more of Kasey’s new alias ‘KAYMID’ – a more Techy, Techno, obscure, left of centre alias. You’ll still see Kasey Taylor releases popping up around the traps, but for the moment, Kasey’s focus is on building up the profiles of both Kaymid and Lo-Fi-45 as a brand.

The response so far has been brilliant. Lo-Fi-45 has the support the local talent here, wanting to be involved as they believe in and are excited about the label’s philosophy, what is stands for and what Kasey’s goals are for it.

At the end of the day, Kasey just ‘understands’ dance music, He writes music, lives it, studies it, embodies it. Take up the offer if you ever get the chance to hear a Kasey Taylor, Kaymid or Lo-fi-45 set – you won’t leave disappointed 😉