Kindred Sol

Kindred Sol

In all likelihood, somewhere far out in outer space, there’s a sun similar to ours, orbited by a planet that is – in some ways – similar to ours. Over tens of thousands of years, perhaps this planet has also been moulded by humanoids – just like ours… If so, hopefully they’re doing a better job of respecting the planet and fellow lifeforms – including each other – than we are here.

As well as dreaming of a fairer and more intelligent way of being, Kindred Sol is a project that reflects on our world and our condition (and conditioning). It is a project based on the idea that humans are capable of greatness, especially when working together, but also a project influenced by frustration at the position we find ourselves in, a position where it seems the future is rushing in at us much faster than we are moving forward to accept it.

Part of what I am trying to achieve is the creation of music that considers the complexity of the human condition. Music that either considers – or does its best to escape – the power of opposable thumbs (thumbs that can manipulate and exploit, create and destroy). Though the individual sounds are shaped from the pulse of electricity and the arrangement of 1s & 0s, the underlying tone is human in character – and the final output aims to be something as unique and as imperfect as each of us.