Very few figures in the Melbourne underground music scene have earned the respect that Michael Muska has. His tireless devotion and dedication to Australian dance culture over the last decade has seen him achieve unparalleled admiration and standing amongst listeners and peers. Active dj, producer and event organiser from 2004 he is also Co- founder of Them Eat Cake Festival in Melbourne Australia.

Leading by example, this ‘innovator’ in every sense of the word has been the driving creative force behind some of Melbourne’s most loved, abstract, unique and memorable parties and festivals. Inviting patrons to constantly challenge any preconceived notions of genre-fixation thru an offering of experimental and multi-faceted musical events.

Muska’s vibrant and inspired energy in his creative role as an event/concept developer is always evident, with these same perceptive and intriguing qualities translating fluently across captivated dance floors. From residencies at melbournes most renowned venues such as Revolver Upstairs, Brown Alley and Circus bar to festival main stages like Rainbow Serpent, Strawberry Fields, Let them Eat Cake and Subsonic Music Festival, amongst overseas visits to New Zeland, Muska displays an innate ability behind the decks to connect with the energy and emotion of the listeners, allowing him to react in sync with profound unspoken empathy and gaining both a sense of understanding, trust and mutual respect between himself and those involved.

With a strong personal philosophy when it comes to life and music, Muska continues to evolve and engage, also applying his passions away from dance floors in the seclusion of his studio where these same principles and key ideas are drawn upon once again through his production, in an expressive interpretation of feeling and emotion, all relevant to these moments.


With original production releases now out on Addictech records, Muska continues to prove he is an unstoppable machine dedicated to his craft. With over 10 years’ experience as a DJ and producer, mastering the turntables and cdj’s, he offers a unique mixing style evolved from his younger drum n bass years that is unique to the 4/4 style…
Muska makes any track work into a set as he moves through the spectrum of house and techno like a seasoned pro. Any listener who knows the intricate craft of DJ’ing, layering music and making genre’s gel together will witness this DJ use 3 to 4 cdj’s and mixing up to 3 channels at any one given time.

One of the most diverse DJ’s in Melbourne, Muska plays anywhere from clubs to warehouses, festivals and events, never planning a set, rather always having a vast artillery of music ready to read any crowd. Never compromising his sound he consistently proves an uncanny ability to make music work in a rare and unique way.

As one of the most frequently booked techno DJ’s at all types of venues and events, do not begin to think you know Muska by seeing him play just once and pigeon holing him to a genre. Crowd friendly sets at one venue can be twisted, driving, deep or dark at another.

Above all it is his ever-popular outdoor festival sound that he holds dearest to his heart, being branded as “Bushtechno”. The outdoor sets are what Muska is most passionate about, an affair with music that only happens over the summer festival season. This sound is also where he focuses his energy and passion in the studio, leading to tracks like his recent releases on glitch hop super label Additech Records alongside world-renowned artists Opiou and Tipper.


In the industry, Muska plays another role as one of the most well recognized figures behind the scenes and has so for the past decade. From 2008 to 2013, Muska made a career as a Brown Alley Resident DJ / event director / manager and promoter. It was there that he played his roll in hosting almost every major show on offer at the venue for the past 5 years. From Sven Vath to Chase & status just one look at some of the shows Muska has hosted and supported is enough to make any EDM heads jaw drop.

However his greatest milestone from his hard labor came into fruition at the age of 28 when he executed a life long ambition to develop the teams and concept as the founder of NYD festival, Let Them Eat Cake. His reasons: simply to encourage a collective of Melbourne’s best crews and industry leaders to work together and set the bar for inner city festival events and ultimately giving the electronic music community of Melbourne the day festival they all wanted.

Now in 2014 Muska is heavily involved in NSW music festival Subsonic. He is also closely affiliated with Strawberry fields, Let Them Eat Cake and consistently working with many fasits of the scene under his events soloutions brand LMS, amongst all this when it comes to his own events the focus is on the local community with shows such as Organic Audio launching in 2013 offering high qaulity events for local artists . These 3 festivals and his local party are not only where his heart and soul are at, but are the main platforms for his own sound as a producer amongst his peirs , friends and inspired fellow artists also.

It becomes difficult to continuously list the vast amount of rolls Muska has played his part in when it comes to the local EDM scene, especially when he has been actively behind organizing over 350 events with some of the worlds biggest techno – glitch hop & drum & Bass artists.. Being very much a man behind the scenes its just easier to say that is where you will always find him assisting in the evoloution of Australian electronic music.