Rhys Roberts

Rhys Roberts

‘I hate bio’s and all that bullshit’, Rhys Roberts once said to me, so we thought we better annoy him and make him one otherwise you wont know anything about him – but we promised to keep it short and sweet 😉

Born and bred in Melbourne, Rhys is not into the public attention and demands that this industry can sometimes drain you with. He’s not into things like bio’s, generally cause most of them have all the usual cliche’s like who everyone has supported and played with during their careers and so on. The one thing he does have in common with us though, is that his love and attention to music is as enthusiastic as any of us.

Rhys is bit of gem behind the decks. His great taste in music and his technical brilliance means he mixes much better than any bar tender can mix a scotch and coke! He also keeps the shoes out of the tumble dryer as well – A classic old phrase that basically means he keeps his beats locked together seamlessly rather than that awful sound that those shoes make bouncing around in that dryer!

His DJ sets are well known for delivering a journey of spirited stimulating quality tunes, while pushing boundaries and keeping it real at the same time. These days everyone can play music and DJ’s, but all these above mentioned things are a balance that most find hard to perfect. His balance between educating and entertaining is perfect.

In all genre’s of electronic music, he recognises the immense power it has and how it positively affects the human mind. He is passionate about presenting these influences and inspirations he draws from these wide range of genre’s he loves, while adding the ‘Rhys Roberts’ touch to it all, and then delivering sets in an art form to receptive audiences.

He’s never too shy to rock the dance floor at any given opportunity, and get amongst it on the after his sets. No matter what way you look at it, you can see he just loves it.

He has supported just about every Dj’s you could mention. Dj’s such as……….. Oh hang on we forgot, he hates this part of the bio so we’ll leave it at that, but the one thing we wont leave out is that if you ever get the chance to hear him play, make sure you get along.

He’s ticked all the boxes or playing at most of the biggest festivals in his hometown of Melbourne, along with some interstate ones, and more recently he’s taking his sound around the globe. Festivals such as ‘The Solar Eclipse Festival – Cairns, Maitreya, Subsonic and Rainbow Serpent Festivals’ are just the tip of the iceberg.
He’s also played for all the popular nights and crews in town. Some of those crews include Black Market, Chameleon, Mixed Messages, Circle Social, Last Minute Events, Motion Theory Music, Tickled Pink Events, Fluidlife, Rework and many more.

More recently, he’s turned his attention to putting all this knowledge into production, and we have some of them  ready to launch now with many other new tunes we’ve had a sneak peak of coming along very nicely.  We couldn’t help but notice this amazing potential and attention to detail in what he writes, so we just had to bring him on board here and have him as part of our Lo-Fi-45 family.

Needless to say we’re proudly waiting for day where we can present these little gems to you.  That date is coming very soon as we’ve wrapped up his first EP, along with a couple of his remixes, with many more soon to follow.

Rhys Roberts – Remember this name, cause once you see and hear Rhys play and get the chance to meet him, you’ll notice very quickly his relaxed ‘no bullshit’ attitude and infectious persona is something you wont forget, but more importantly, you wont forget his passion for music after experiencing one of his sets and hear his forthcoming productions.